Where to Buy Cigars Online

Buying cigars has always traditionally been done in specialist stores, or at a pinch, bulk cigarette retailers. For many people who don’t have a cigar store near them, finding specific brands and types of cigar has often been a struggle. However relatively recently more and more cigar smokers are finding that buying cigars on the

Why it is best to Buy Locally Grown Produce

Supermarkets often display a large selection of produce and since the farms that supply those markets are often not in the local area, selling to the store in bulk so the fruits and vegetables can be sold at a low price it might not be readily apparent why it is best to buy locally grown

What you shouldn’t believe about olive oil

Surprisingly, many people do not know much about olive oil, a commodity that is most often talked about when the topic of health pops up. The crazy olive oil marketing can be partly blamed for lack of knowledge when it comes to olive oil. When a person peruses through the cooking oil section in any

Why is Sao Paulo Considered the Pizza Capital of the World

It is not difficult to explain why Sao Paulo is called the Pizza Capital of the World. The title, itself, was given to Sao Paulo in 1985 by then Secretary of Tourism, Caio Luis de Carvalho, who wanted to bring attention to the first contest to find out which pizzerias in the state offered up

What to look for when Buying a Sharpening Steel

When you’re thinking about buying a sharpening steel, you’ve got to consider what kinds of knives you’re going to use it with and exactly what a sharpening steel does. That’s because a basic sharpening steel can’t actually sharpen a knife edge! What a sharpening steel actually does A knife has many tiny teeth along its

Why I enjoy drinking Ovaltine

Ovaltine is my favorite energy drink that contains plenty of nutrients (it includes vitamins A, C, D , B1, B2, and B6). Who can resist taking a sip of this delicious beverage that has been a household delight for almost one hundred years? Whenever I become thirsty, I find myself grabbing an empty glass and a

What to Incorporate into coffee this autumn season.

With the arrival of autumn comes the changing of the leaves, cooler temperatures and the beginning of autumn flavors. Nothing is more comforting on a cool autumn day than a hot drink. Coffee is, by far, the most popular hot beverage out there. It can be fun and delicious to add some autumn flavor to

Why Homemade is always better than Store Bought

Homemade barbecue sauce is better than store bought because, as with all homemade food, you have control over what goes into it.  You control the fat, salt, sugar and everything else.  If you make it yourself, you actually know what you and your family are eating. If you’ve ever read the ingredients listed on a

What to do with leftover wine

There was a great party last night, and the wine and conversation were flowing freely. But now it’s time to pay the piper. You get up after last night’s party to face the morning-after disaster. There is a large red wine stain right in the middle of the white carpet and an assortment of wine

Why home cooking is worth the effort

The words “home cooked” can bring about thoughts of comfort and childhood memories. For some it could be memories of grandma’s homemade cookies or mom’s casseroles or dad’s chili. Home cooking can also inspire thoughts of hours spent in the kitchen chopping, peeling and simmering.  For some busy people, the idea of cooking from scratch